The Sardana Eye institute always committed to bestow high standards services by persistently raising our technical skills and assets to facilitate better care to all the Patients and their concerned requirements. Our stab is to achieve complete satisfaction of the customers by providing the world class product services and improvement in services.

Scope of Improvement in Quality:

We paid continually keen attention to conduct the overall assessment of the efficiency of the procedures and treatments improvement activities, while prioritizing the patient safety throughout the process of improvement program of particular treatment or procedure in the centre. The scope of the program mainly consists of these focus components:

  • Improvement of performance for efficient results.
  • Zero defect quality assessment or any type of scope of improvement.
  • Prioritizing patient safety.
  • Keep an eye over all the activities for quality control.

Based on the years of knowledge and experience of our expert ophthalmologists and optometrists these entire objectives are measured over a specific period of time. As they are properly structured to produce accurate statistically data, that are applicable for performance measures and necessary for eye care. Besides this mechanism is also helpful while the evaluation of the improvements programs.

Standard Quality Model:

The Sardana Quality Model totally pays keen attention on the national and international customers, full supported by structures, pre operative procedures, operative procedures and post operative procedures.